Monday, 22 September 2014



Ever wondered guys who you really are? I mean, my point is pretty crystal clear here, like I have had this thought many a times and I’m sure you folks must have had the same feeling as well. Did you ever ask yourself who are you? What purpose are you serving? Are you really meant for what you are doing? Are you happy in what you are doing? Does your work interest you? There are zillions of questions that pop out in my mind and the answer lies nowhere else but only with you. Seriously guys take for example the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, who was no slouch when it came to writings, was well known for the type of stories and his strong command over English vocabularies. We would not have known him had he not followed his heart. There are ample numbers of names who listened to their true callings and made a mark. So you are pursuing medicines just because your dad thought that’s an elite profession, but do you really want to be a Doctor? Don’t listen to anyone, just listen to your damn inner self and obviously you would be thrown out of your place and you would definitely go homeless after that but that should not stop you. What’s the point of living someone’s life, and that’s exactly how it is when you become someone that you never wanted. Don’t be a Doctor, Engineer or a Lawyer for the sake of your Dad, but be a Writer, an Actor or an Entrepreneur instead because that’s who you really are. Do something where you seek pleasure and happiness. Unleash the true you and don’t hide under the veil. Don’t complicate things for yourself. If you listen to your heart your dad might be angry at you and there would be thousand of fingers pointing at you, but who cares, those losers who didn’t do what they actually wanted are in no position to give orders to you in how you should live your own life. The choice should be yours. There may be many like me who doesn’t know what they really want, but I sure do know what I don’t want. Talent never goes wasted, if you think you are good at something, go on dive in, don’t wait for the world to bomb you up with their stupid irrational comments. Take time to discover yourself and settle down with the true you. Things may not always shape up the way you want them to be but don’t be disappointed take a pause for some time and continue with your inspiration and desire. So fellow viewers start thinking and start acting. Take some time out from your hectic schedule may be while taking a dump, ok sounds gross, but oh C’mon, you don’t have to do anything productive, but to poop and simultaneously do think about what you like to do and what makes you feel happy. Work towards your goal. Narrate out your plan to your dad and if he kicks you out, then don’t narrate it to him at all. I didn’t.

I will be back tomorrow with an exclusive new write up. 

Lots of love
Dorothy J

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Fashion is something which both boys and girls love. I mean, who doesn’t want to look good?? Everyone does. Right!! OK so I have this post today exclusively for the GUYS.

  • Ripped Jeans are cool till you keep yourself casual. Like for college going kids or for some casual hangout session with friends.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with the colours. Team up a Green/Orange T-Shirt with Beige/Black Quarter Pants and you will look casual yet stylish. C’mon its summer and time for getting those vibrant colours into your boring black and white wardrobe.
  • White Shirt paired with Blue Denims always works for every occasion. Purple Shirt with Faded Blue Jeans added by a White belt looks good. Shirt looks good with almost every pair of jeans and quarter pants. You don’t need to be particular about which shirt to choose with what colour of jeans.
  • For the smart corporate yet stylish look all you need is a Well Fitted Shirt with a perfect fitting trouser (ill fittings will screw your look) teamed up with a Blazer and a Tie to complete the look. Remember Dylan Harper (Justin Timberlake) from Friends with Benefit!! Oh Boy he looks amazing with that look.
  • If you stand confused on what to wear for a very special occasion where you need to look good Black is always the best. I’am sure everyone out there must be having atleast one black shirt in their wardrobe. Team it up with Blue Denims and you are all set to look dashing and handsome.  
  • Shoes are an important part of style for a guy. If it’s one thing that a women would notice then it’s your shoes. So invest in for a good pair of shoes. Show the girls that you are a man of good taste.
  • Unshaven Beard could be a turnoff for the girls.

Dorothy J

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Fashion is not just about clothes but also about your inner feelings which is expressed by YOUR attire. People judge you not by who you are but by what you wear. Gone are those days when you sit beside people and introduce yourself, in this fast life that we are living today, a glance at what you wear speaks for itself. Not all people around us are born with beautiful faces. But you can look beautiful with different attires you wear. I've seen many cases where people with strong CVs don’t land up getting a job just because they don't have that presentable personality. I'm not saying that keeping yourself stylish and fashionable is all that matters but people should also give equal importance to FASHION as they give great importance to their education, career and relationships.
By being fashionable doesn’t mean that you should always dress yourself up like some GOSSIP GIRL character or something, it’s just that whatever you wear should make you look beautiful and confident. A person can always look amazing and ravishing in casuals too, you just need to work on the trick of it. People hardly bother how you look; it’s all about your style that bothers them.
You don't need to wear WESTERN CLOTHES all the time to make yourself appear fashionable. Our Traditional wear has got so much to show. One looks more beautiful with their Traditional clothes on, rather than wearing miniskirts.
Fashion is an ART that you need to learn by observance and lots of experimenting.

“Fashion is what that comes and goes, it is YOU who defines your own style statement by adopting some fashion trends of the world appealing to you.”

lots of love
Dorothy J